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BridgeFront courses deliver the knowledge and empowerment that produce productive and happy
employees. With an ever-expanding, accredited content library, you can rest easy knowing you have the best off-the- shelf content that is in line with current rules and regulations. You can utilize custom branding with your company logo and integrate courses with your HR and EHR systems to save time.

Please contact with questions about the courses below and our releases. Below are the healthcare content release notes for 2017 and beyond:

January 2017
● LC18201 - HIPAA Overview 101
● LC18007 - HIPAA Privacy & Security Overview v11
● LC18081 - HIPAA Privacy & Security - (H) Spanish v11
● LC18091 - HIPAA Employer Privacy Center v11
● LC18092 - HIPAA Employer Security Center v11
● LC18096 - HIPAA Business Associate I v11
● LC18097 - HIPAA Business Associate II (Non-Clinical) v11
● LC18098 - HIPAA Business Associate II (Clinical) v11
● LC18099 - HIPAA Business Associate III (Non-Clinical) v11
● LC18100 - HIPAA Business Associate III (Clinical) v11
● LC18109 - HIPAA Employer Employee v11
● LC18110 - HIPAA Employer Finance & Marketing v11
● LC18111 - HIPAA Employer First-Line Managers v11
● LC18112 - HIPAA Employer HR / Benefits v11
● LC18113 - HIPAA Employer IT Professionals v11
● LC18114 - HIPAA Employer Senior Executives v11
● LC18120 - HIPAA Hospital Medical Records Staff v11
● LC18121 - HIPAA Hospital Nurses v11
● LC18123 - HIPAA Hospital Physicians v11
● LC18142 - HIPAA Practice Billing Staff v11
● LC18144 - HIPAA Practice Front Office I v11
● LC18145 - HIPAA Practice Front Office II v11
● LC18148 - HIPAA Practice Medical Technician v11
● LC18149 - HIPAA Practice Nurse v11
● LC18153 - HIPAA Practice Physician v11
Release Notes

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