Proctor Assignment Deletion

Note: Access to this feature is only available if your organization has access to the Manage Assignments Center.

Proctors can delete user assignments from the Manage Assignments Center. However, they must be incomplete and still active or not expired. Deleted assignments are highlighted in red and indicated as Deleted in the Status column. Deleted assignments can be undeleted as long as they are not expired.

Here are the steps to delete and undelete assignments:

  1. When logged in as a proctor, open the Manage Assignments Center from inside the Customize tab.
  2. From the Manage Assignments Center, select one or more assignments that you wish to delete or undelete, then click on the button labeled “Delete/Undelete” in the table header:
  3. A confirmation pop-up window will appear allowing you to review the affected assignments. Note, you will be alerted if any selected assignments are ineligible for deletion. Select the “OK” button if you are okay with your assignment changes:
  4. Lastly, the assignment list table will refresh to show the results of your assignment changes.
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