Creating/Updating a Post-Test

Editing the Post-Test

After creating all your lesson pages, you now have the option to modify the post-test. You can add your own test questions or “deactivate” BridgeFront questions.

TIP: Ask BridgeFront Client Care about post-test attempts. You have the option to change the maximum number of times a user can attempt a post-test at the organization level. So this means ALL courses your users will take, for example, have two times (or whatever number you choose) to complete the post-test.

Inactivate a Test Question

Questions cannot be edited on a BridgeFront course. If you want to rewrite a question, you must remove it by making it inactive. To make the question inactive:

Find the question you want to make inactive.

Click on the Green checkmark next to the question.

Confirm that you want to make the selected question inactive.

Add a New Question

To add a new test question to the Post-Test:

  1. After selecting the course you want to edit in the Course Editor, scroll down to and click the Post-Test link.
  2. Click one of the three buttons in the upper right corner of the screen:
    1. Click the S-C button to add a single choice question.
    2. Click the M-C button to add a multiple choice question.
    3. Click the T-F button to add a true/false question.
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