Customization Center Overview

The Customization Center allows you to build new courses, customize existing catalog courses, edit the due date for a course, configure and send bulk emails or reminders to your users, and assign courses to users.

Note: When you click on each option, a new window will open. Turn off the pop-up blocker in your browser for this tab to function properly.

Customize Option Used to...
Due Dates Change the default due date assigned to a course. If a course is assigned on December 31st, the system automatically assigns a due date of December 31st for the following year. To make a course due 90 days from your assign date, use the Due Date feature.
Mass Emails Send bulk emails to all users.
Course Editor Edit an existing library course to add information that’s specific to your organization.
Course Builder Create a new course that may be a specific requirement or need for your organization.
Automated Email Reminder Set up email templates and send them to your users based on the date criteria you select. Emails automatically send each night; you receive confirmation emails that they were sent.
Assignment Center  Immediately enroll existing users in one or many assignments.
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