Adding a New Page

To add new pages:

  1. Click the Page button.
  2. Add course content to the page.
  3. Item Name In this field ... Purpose
    Page Name Name each individual page. This name appears in the course table of contents located on the left panel for a course. The user will be able to click here to navigate to a specific page.
    Selection Location  Determine where I want to place a page in the course. Determine course flow.
    Add this Page Choose whether to put this page before or after the selected location. Determine course order.
    Page Format

    Select one of four page layout formats:

    • Text.
    • Text with Vertical Image.
    • Text with Horizontal Image.
    • Text with Center Image.
    Allow graphic images, if desired. 
  4. Use the toolbar icons to format the text.

TIP: BridgeFront courses are formatted using font name Arial, and text size small or 12

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