Creating a course

At times it may be necessary for you to create a new course because your organization needs to be trained on a course that does not currently exist in the BridgeFront Course Catalog. Use the Course Builder to easily create a new course.

To create a new course or access previously edited courses:

  1. Access the BridgeOne portal:
  2. Log in as proctor.
  3. Click the Course Builder section on the Customize tab.
  4. Click the blue wrench icon to Build a Course.
  5. In the New Course window, enter:
    1. Course Name.
    2. Description.
    3. Objectives (if applicable).
    4. CEU credits (if applicable).
  6. To begin adding course content, click Build.
  7. Read the instructions.
  8. Modify the “Welcome Page.” This is the first page that users will see when the course launches.
  9. Use the formatting icons to quickly develop or edit a course. For icon descriptions, refer to the table below.

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