Send Mass Emails

At times, it may be necessary to send bulk emails to your organization’s users. For example, informing them of a new due date. Use the mass email option to send to a single user or multiple users.

To send emails:

On the Customize tab, click Mass Emails.

Enter the search criteria you want to use for locating the user(s) you want to email.

Click the binocular icon (located in the upper right corner of the screen).

Note: To make a selection, click in the box at the beginning of the row. To make more than one selection, click in more than one box.

Email a single user

  1. Search for the desired user.
  2. Click the Send Email icon at the end of the user’s row.
  3. Enter the message title and body.
  4. When finished, click Send.

Email multiple users:

  1. Search for the desired users. Note: If you want to send an email to all users in the organization, you don’t need to filter.
  2. To select all the users, click in the box located above the Select column heading. This will select all the users by placing a checkmark in the box on all the rows.
  3. Click the Send Email icon at the top, left corner of the page.
  4. Enter the message title and body. When finished, click Send.
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