Update the Due Date

The due date for each course assignment is located next to the assignment title in the user’s Assignments tab. When an assignment is 30 days from expiring, the color of the due date will change to brown. When it is past due, it will be red.

At times, it may be necessary for you to assign a specific due date for a course. For example, on-boarding courses assigned to new employees, which may be due 90 days after you assign them.

Note: Before you can use the Due Date feature to update a course, that course must first be assigned to your user(s).

  1. Select Customize from the BridgeOne home screen.
  2. Expand the Due Dates option.
  3. Select, Launch Bulk Due Date Update.

To update the due date for an assigned course:

  1. Search by User or by Date.
  2. Select the course that has been assigned.
  3. Click the Due Dates section on the Customize tab.
  4. Select "Search".
  5. Note: You can make selections from one or more sections. Press the Shift or Ctrl key on your keyboard to select multiple courses.
  6. You may search for courses by:
    1. Specific user.
    2. Specific dates.
    3. Suborganization or Department.
    4. Assignment Name(s).
  7. Litmos Healthcare LMS displays the courses that match your search criteria.
  8. Select/Enter the new Due Date.
  9. Click Update. The new Due Date will be set.
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